Why train with us? 

Why train with us? 

Are you searching for a personal coach to help you achieve your fitness goals? 
Looking to fine-tune your fitness journey with expert guidance? Discover the difference with AF's 1-on-1 training programme, where your personal goals take center stage. Our experienced coaches craft bespoke training plans tuned to your unique needs, focusing on efficiency, accountability, and real, measurable results. Elevate your fitness experience with a tailored approach that values your time and ambitions. 
Experience Fitness Transformed: Dive into the Science-Driven AF System with Our Elite Coaches! 
No matter your goal - be it fat loss, muscle gain or athletic development - we have the coaches to inspire you to achieve things you thought were impossible. 

AF Coaches: The apex of qualification & expertise. 

AF Coaches: The apex of qualification & expertise. 

With over a decade of experience of working with elite world class athletes. Our coaches have achieved results at the highest level of sport. Now they bring that knowledge to deliver guaranteed results for you. 
Our AF coaches stand out. Combining hands-on expertise with academic excellence. Their credentials range from certifications with renowned institutions such as the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (UK), National Strength and Conditioning Association (USA) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, to university degrees in Strength & Conditioning or Sports Science. Equipped with vast knowledge and tried-and-true techniques, they excel at optimising performance for clients from diverse backgrounds and fitness levels. 

THE AF Personal Training System 

THE AF Personal Training System 


Firstly, your AF coach will help you develop the mindset to completely focus on your goal with a full understanding of what it takes to achieve it. 


Nutrition will provide the foundation to support the fuelling of the body and the mind, and to maximise your performance. 


Movement is essential for improving performance. It’s about moving your body better. 


Recovery allows the mind and body to re-energise and prepare for the next days activity. 


The AF coaches will evaluate your perfomance after every session and adapt your training based on your personal needs. 


Our coaches will isolate individual issues and using scientific methods and stratigies get you performing at your best. 


Each session will be unique to you and your goals. There is no copied programming, you are an individual and each session will be tailored to get you a step closer to your goal. 


Your sessions will use movements found in everyday life, meaning everything in the session will help improve your movement throughout your daily lifestyle. 
Train with the best at The Athlete Factory #TAKETHENEXTSTEP 
Train with the best at The Athlete Factory #TAKETHENEXTSTEP 
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